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We take care of national and regional media work!

The project would not be possible without the support of volunteers and communities. The central organizing team consists of a few volunteers who steer the whole thing.


Team RhineCleanUp

Joachim Umbach

Initiator / Medien-Koordinator (alle Flüsse)

Julia Wendlandt

Projektkoordinierung Zentrale Düsseldorf (eingeschränkte Erreichbarkeit von 1.8.23 - 1.8.24 )

Mirjam Schenke

Projektkoordinierung Zentrale Düsseldorf (alle Flüsse)

Steffi Greuel

Ansprechpartnerin Webseite




Volksbank Düsseldorf Neuss eG (BIC GENODED1DNE)

IBAN DE15 3016 0213 2100 4130 11


Since our non-profit status is recognized by the Düsseldorf tax office, we are entitled to issue donation receipts.

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