Big dog cleanup in Cologne

June 18, 2023

Top model Anna Hiltrop and dog trainer Martin Rütter, together with 140 other volunteers, collect 410.5 kg of rubbish on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne!


Model Anna Hiltrop has been supporting our non-profit organization as an ambassador for three and a half years and is committed to our topic with conviction and passion. Last Saturday, June 10, she initiated a RhineCleanUp in Cologne together with us and the TV-known dog trainer Martin Rütter and received active support in the organization from our long-term partner K.R.A.K.E. (Cologne Rhine Cleanup Command Unit) e.V..


The campaign was designed as a dog cleanup, because animals also suffer from the litter on the riverbanks. Broken glass and metal remains are particularly dangerous for dogs, and discarded cigarette butts can be swallowed along with their toxic ingredients. We wanted to draw attention to this - with success. As a team, we were able to motivate a total of 140 volunteers to work with us to clear rubbish from the banks of the Rhine between the Tanzbrunnen and the Zoo Bridge. The impressive result: 410.5 kg of waste is no longer in nature!


We would like to thank everyone who campaigned for this CleanUp and collected on Saturday